Teacher Residency

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Collaboration and Resources for Encouraging and Supporting Transformations in Education (CREST-Ed)

The CREST-Ed grant was developed to meet the challenges of preparing and retaining teachers for the specific demands of teaching critical subjects in high needs schools in urban and rural localities.

2016-2017 Teacher Residency Information

Program Details:

Teacher residents in mathematics, science, English language learners, early childhood education and special education (elementary, middle or high school)

Teacher Residents:

  • are paid a stipend of $30,000 through the school district in which they are a teacher resident
  • will be accepted into the appropriate Georgia State University (GSU) teacher training programs and will complete coursework towards a masters degree and teacher certificate within 18 months
  • will receive infusion of special education, ELL strategies, technology and literacy across the content areas in their GSU teacher training courses
  • are placed for a full year with a qualified mentor teacher in a high need school in the area of special education
  • will be provided continued induction through professional development after completion of program
  • must commit to a three-year service obligation at a high need school in a high need subject
Applicants for the CREST-Ed Teacher Residency program must:

  • provide proof of U.S. citizenship or be a permanent resident
  • must meet all GSU application requirements* and complete a College of Education & Human Development application

*GSU application requirements can be found at http://education.gsu.edu/admissions/graduate-admissions/

  • In addition to the GSU application, CREST-Ed Teacher Resident applicants must:
    • have a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA
    • complete a CREST-Ed Teacher Residency application*
      • *GSU priority application deadline is February 27
    • complete an interview with the selection committee

In addition to having all of the eligibility requirements that have been listed, CREST-Ed is seeking applicants:

  • from all backgrounds and experiences who have a passion and dedication to work hard and have the potential to become a great teacher, in a urban or rural CREST-Ed partnership school – with a focus on a high needs field
  • former military personnel and persons from under-represented populations in the partnership districts
Information about GSU’s math and science programs, English Language Arts and Special Education can found on the College of Education & Human Development's program page.

The length of the program is 18 months. Teacher candidates typically start in the summer, and will finish after completing their student teaching in the spring.
Information about undergraduate tuition and fees and graduate tuition and fees can be found at: http://sfs.gsu.edu/tuition-fees/what-it-costs/tuition-and-fees/.

Graduated from our Teacher Quality Partnership (TQP) Residency Programs are employed at:

  • Atlanta Public School System
  • Cobb County School System
  • Clayton County School System
  • DeKalb County School System
  • Gwinnett County School System